Throughout our 20 years of operation, we have been fortunate enough to have supported companies from a start-up stage to becoming a global market leader. Crucial to this is the formation of a close and trusting cooperation with our clients, being fully conscious of costs, working in small teams and making use of our hard-won expertise and experience.

Renewable energy law

What started out 15 years ago as true hardware, including photovoltaics, biomass cogeneration plants, pellet stoves and CHPs in private households, has now developed into a comprehensive, digitalised market in which hardware and software, modern technologies and digital processes are intrinsically linked.


We provide our clients with the contracts they need to place their products and services on the market, B2B and B2C: photovoltaics, battery storage systems, e-mobility and hydrogen. We have experience in and continue to develop contracts for the manufacture of your products, the establishment and implementation of sales processes, new energy products, and the construction and operation of digital platforms used to market and make use of hardware and energy services.

IT Law

For 20 years we have provided comprehensive consultation services to companies operating in the IT industry. Our clients include companies that manufacture software, as well as companies that specialise in the provision of services to and with software.


Due to our many years of intensive activity for companies operating on an international level, particularly in Europe and North America, we also negotiate and draft contracts in accordance with international contract law and in English.


We have comprehensive standard contracts in both German and English that cover all areas of IT company activity. These include agreements pertaining to software development, projects, licensing and maintenance, contracts for SaaS services, development cooperation agreements, partner and distribution agreements, and even contracts for ASP operations.


Cloud computing is a rapidly growing area of considerable economic importance.


One of the most important requirements for a company from an economic viewpoint is ensuring that expertise acquired over the years or expensively purchased know-how is protected in a legally watertight manner within our knowledge-based society. Here, too, we can provide comprehensive contracts in German and English and support you in protecting and enforcing your legal interests.

Contract law

A good contract is characterised by the fact that everyone understands it, that it comprehensively represents a business idea or a project, and that it focuses on the essential provisions. It provides security and, once signed, it does not stand in the way of the business.


For 20 years we have been drafting and drawing up contracts that reflect the business ideas, sales structures, business processes and economic framework conditions of our clients.


Many of the contracts we have developed in recent years are constantly updated and can be used as a standard version. Wherever adaptations and customisations are required, we can offer support based on our expertise, or work with you to establish new structures and processes.


We are constantly negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts in German and English. We have developed in-depth experience in coordinating our various negotiating partners and relevant consulting firms.


The coordination of involved parties and ongoing monitoring not only ensures transparency, but also considerably optimises expenditure.

Data protection

A largely unnoticed area of law for many years, data protection law has now become the focus of public attention, not least because of the entry into force of EU Regulation 2016/679 on 25 May 2018, better known as the General Data Protection Regulation. Depending on the sector, it has also often become the focus of corporate activity.


For companies that offer their products and services via digital platforms, who operate cloud computing, or who offer e-mobility products where products can be remotely accessed, data protection now stands at the core of their business.


We have provided support to our clients in this age of GDPR. We provide the necessary advice, contracts and agreements for the operation of websites, digital platforms and marketplaces, the provision of support services, commissioned data processing, or the joint responsibility of several contracting parties pertaining to the processing of data.


We have drawn up Binding Corporate Rules for group companies and we work closely with company compliance departments, data privacy officers and the responsible authorities.


Company law

The first step to being a successful entrepreneur is choosing an appropriate company structure. The legal framework of the company must fit the persons involved in the company, the product, the service, the entrepreneur and the framework structures.


The same applies to the memorandum and articles of association, the form of capitalisation, the admission of new shareholders, the restructuring of shareholder relationships, or the definition of the powers held by the management and the Board of Directors.


Whether you choose to operate as a sole proprietor, BGB company, OHG, KG, GmbH or AG, we will advise and support you in establishing companies, the reorganisation and transformation of companies, the purchase or sale of company participations, or in the event of corporate law conflicts.


With regard to the tax optimisation of corporate law decisions, we have been working with specialised auditors and tax consultants for years.

Mergers and acquisitions

Companies with new ideas based in dynamic markets that want to grow, or that need to grow, are looking for new partners and strategic investors. Entrepreneurs may also be looking for a new challenge and a financial investor to support them.


Many of the companies we have worked with have changed so much over the years that a merger or acquisition was the logical step to further develop the company. The takeover of companies by way of a share or asset deal, the acquisition of shareholdings and companies, the transformation of companies or the search for, and admission of, investors has therefore become an essential part of our legal advice.


In order to be able to provide our clients with comprehensive advice, we work together with specialised auditing and tax consulting firms as well as internationally active consulting companies, which also have long-term connections to investors.

Employment law

Making sure that working relationships are based on trust is essential for the success of a company. This begins with the legally secure drafting of employment contracts that define the rights and obligations of the involved parties in a sufficiently clear manner, thus preventing false expectations.


We have a large number of contracts available, which are suitable both for the management and the board of directors, as well as for employees.


Individual bonus models and retention payments are often indispensable parts of today’s employment relationship in a bid to commit competent employees to the company. Here too, our experience enables us to advise and support you in designing graduated profit percentage/premium/bonus/retention/participation schemes for your employees.


We have many years’ experience in drafting company agreements and drawing up and implementing social compensation plans. Mediation in conflict situations, e.g., between the business and the works council, is one of the core areas of our work in the field of employment law.


Our core competencies also include the drafting and review of settlement and termination agreements, as well as representation in ordinary and extraordinary termination proceedings.

Law of succession and inheritance law

As part of our inheritance law advice we offer, among other things, the drafting of wills and inheritance contracts, strategic advice on the regulation of corporate succession, the execution of wills, advice on the settlement of an estate, settlements of communities of heirs and, together with our partners, tax optimisation with regard to inheritance law regulations.

Tenancy law

An enterprise also includes the premises where the products are manufactured or services are offered, and these premises often need to be rented.


Within the scope of our tenancy law consultations, we support our clients both in the drafting and negotiation of tenancy agreements, and in respect of legal questions and problems concerning existing tenancies. These include questions regarding service charge settlements, rent increases, the provision of collateral or even the termination of tenancies.


With our expertise, we can assist both landlords and tenants in all tenancy law issues with the aim of finding an efficient solution.